You can watch here our award winning "Blackboard Adventures" slideshow, which called "a creative series of cute baby photos".

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When I was pregnant with our son, my husband and I were looking for a special way of announcing his birth. We did looked at hundreds of pictures other photographers were taking. Some of them were pretty cool, some absolutely lovely, but I wanted something truly unique, something that friends and family will remember for years.

Since both me and my husband grew up in Europe, where the myth of the stork bringing the baby was very powerful, we knew that we wanted to use that image. We just didn't know how.

Baby photography by Anna EftimieUntil one day, when he came with the idea (which I thought it was totally crazy) to draw it on a blackboard. We do work very well as a team, so I told him: "If you'll do the drawing, I will take the photo." And we did it!

That photo became so popular between our friends and family that they practically forced us to come up with other similar ones. In the end, we were able to create a whole photo story featuring our son sleeping on the blackboard. We called it "Blackboard Adventures". Now, I'll tell you our secret, because a lot of people asked me: Even though our son looks like sleeping directly on the blackboard, he always had something soft underneath him. He had from the very beginning a preference for really soft surfaces to sleep on, so it would have been impossible to do the "Blackboard Adventures" without this little trick.

Now, our "Blackboard Adventures" photo sessions are for newborns and children up to 6 years. Yes, we have a really big blackboard.

Creative baby photography by Anna EftimieSo far, we had clients with really amazing ideas, so please challenge us! Just think about the story you want the picture to say, we will create a unique drawing for it, we will take the photos and we will make the final composition. All you have to do is choosing the wall for the canvas.

From all that series that we did with our son, my favorite one is with him jumping with the skateboard. He looks like he's made for this! What story do you think will fit your baby best? Let your imagination run loose!

Anna, your personal photographer.